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Our Services
Why Gibson Group?

We are professional recruiters with decades of specialized experience working directly in and across a number of vertical markets.  During that time, we have hired and placed thousands of individuals in positions ranging from board-level to field service engineer.  Within our client companies we recruit for a wide range of organizational functions such as: executive, sales, marketing, engineering, software, IT, customer support and others.  We understand digital technologies, applications, industry trends, and competition.


We offer the unique ability to deeply understand your organizational need and connect it with the industry's top talent through a highly selective, very intelligent human process.  Our clients have direct access to one of the firm's senior partners, who personally engages in all activities associated with your search. 

Engagement Options

As executive recruiters, we offer two levels of engagement; retained and contingency.  Retained search provides a higher level of service and commitment, based upon a mutually exclusive cooperative agreement.  Contingency searches allow both parties flexibility in the search process and can be an effective recruiting method.  We will be happy to help you determine the type of engagement that is right for your needs.

Practice Areas
  • 3D Additive Manufacturing

  • Marketing and CCM Software

  • MEMs Nano Technology 

  • Mass Customization

  • Digital Storefront

  • Large and Grand Format Display  Graphics

  • Textile Printing

  • Industrial Marking and Coding

  • Digital Label Printing

  • Packaging

  • 3D Industrial Printing

  • Decorative Inkjet Printing

  • Digital Display Signage

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